Who are we?







Handy solutions,
skillful hands

The Smartwiel brand has been operating since 2015. It covers the cooperation of the development and design department of the engineering company IMC Slovakia. We have combined our experience in working with metals and sheet metal with a desire to develop, manufacture and sell our own products, focused on electromobility, ecological waste treatment or facilitating everyday work or life.



Our projects







This is how we enjoy it!

From idea to production

The products from our workshop are exceptional in that the entire process of their creation takes place in our technological and design center. This is where the idea is born, which takes the form of drawings and recalculations. When there were more ideas, we expanded the company premises and started production itself. Today we cover not only complete assembly, but also marketing and sales. And since moving forward is a priority for us, we are constantly working to improve finished products, inventing new versions or improvements.








At work and in life

We try to be ecological

The goal of our products is not just to fill a gap in the market. We want to show where new technologies and products should go. We work with electric drives and produce practically indestructible products that will actually function for a long time. Even during the work itself, we try to educate our employees in the field of ecology and we are aware of the responsibility for the waste generated on our premises or during production.








In what are we smart & eco?







We sort all waste

Separate collection containers also offer information on where and why the waste belongs in them and how long it decomposes.





We heat with pellets

We produce pellets from manure from our own farm, which we use to heat a large part of our halls.





We use solar energy

We have solar panels mounted on the roof of our halls, whose energy we use to power the technology and lighting.




We also use shredded paper

We can use shredded paper to produce the fuel that heats our production facilities.





We move on scooters

We substitute forklifts with electric trucks and scooters from our workshop wherever possible.





We educate

We participate in various eco-events in Slovakia and spread the ideas of eco-activities within our company.






How did our projects come about?

That is another story!