We design, develop and construct products without competition in Slovakia. They help you to be ecological, support electromobility as well as the Slovak engineering market. Our products are based on an idea that we also believe in: the future belongs to smart solutions, good ideas and a responsible approach.

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Smartwiel battery-powered wheelbarrow
We have made work easier for builders, landlords, farmers and gardeners. The indestructible wheelbarrow from our workshop will help you take away material so you don’t hurt your hands. You can easily disassemble and transport it wherever needed.
Citywiel electric scooter
The first Slovak electric scooter arose from our workshop. The scooter will transport you to work, make traveling during trips or vacations more pleasant, and help your employees to handle transfers within production halls.
Pelesko pelletizing line
This unique pelletizing line will help you become self-sufficient. You process biological waste or waste from the breeding of farm animals into a form of fertilizer, fuel, feed mixture or bedding, which you can reuse or sell.


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Can we be proud of ourselves?






Unique, patented and certified products

We wanted to offer something new, but practical at the same time. We don’t think up nonsense or uselessness. We develop products that will make your business, leisure or moments spent in the garden more enjoyable.





Ecological feel
and approach

We test electric scooters and trolleys right at our plant. Colleagues use them to transport themselves between workplaces. We honestly separate waste at the workplace.




Our own design department

From the birth of an idea, through drawings, designs, production, construction and testing, everything happens in our country, on our premises and within our own design department.





More than 20 years of experience

Extensive experience with engineering production focused on various sheet metal and metal processing has moved us forward. All our smart products are created in the hands of skilled, experienced workers.






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all our products in the showroom





We are going to attend the Animaltech 2021 fair
Dear customers, after a year and a half long break we are going to fairs again. We are looking forward to see you again in person and to our products live. We will be exhibiting at the Animaltech trade fair in Brno (5.-8.9.2021), pavilion P, number 007. There will be scooters, accu wheelbarrows and a model of the pelleting line to show. We are looking forward to you!
Have you heard of modular railing?
At Smartwiel you can not only see this product but also buy it. It will make it easier for you to ensure your railing construction. Read more about it!